Point and click horror

point and click horror

Browse our collection of point and click games. Play 'Forgotten Hill Fall', a horror -themed point and click game with. Forgotten Hill Fall. A puzzle-heavy point. Filter By Tags: Clear. horror x . A point & click detective adventure! Find clues, combine them Click here to see all the perks and browse our Wall of Honor. Re: Suche gruselige/düstere Point-and-Click -Adventures. Beitragvon Inventarius» , was die horror P&C adventures angeht. What about Obscure and its sequel Obscure: The Order of Chains. Psai - Try to Escape Killer Maniac You are living your nightmare right now: This has nothing to do with the quality of the game in particular but simply relays how well known and recognized the title is by the general populace. Yume Nikki is a freeware indie game for the PC that stars an open-world dreamscape.

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Bulb Boy - Indie Horror Point-And-Click! (Gameplay / Walkthrough)

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Cube Escape - Rusty Lake - Theater - Horror Point And Click Cube Escape Theater is a morbid point and click story coming from Rusty Lake about visiting the strangest theater you have ever seen. A fun puzzle-based casual game to cure your boredom. Years later, he is let free as his secondary personality seemed to have disappeared but is suffering from amnesia and schizophrenia. A couple of days later though, Mr. First episode in this highschool horror. Although Sanitarium was fantastic, it was a pretty well known game. As the Rickenbacker does not have a light-speed system of its own, the two ships are attached together for the trip. point and click horror He relishes in sheer sadism and enjoys every minute of the horrors inflicted on the cast. In general a very smart, dark, and compelling title that takes the player on a trip deeper into madness the further in they go, much like our heroes and heroines have to experience. It is worth it for a new take on survival-horror that can sustain elements not found in any other game out there, and as one of the only horror games on Wii it is definitely a gem hidden in the rough on the console. Those who want an intelligent, Lovecraftian story brought forth by several interesting but flawed characters. Main Sections Games Movies Art Audio Your Feed. Hey just so you know, in the Clock Tower segment of your article you refer to the ps1 rerelease as Fatal Frame: You have to open some doors to close others, find your way past obstacles, and more. Home About Advertise Contact Privacy Policy Staff. Das Spiel darf auch ruhig etwas älter sein. Take a team of space marines on an epic journey full of lasers, robots and huge explosions. The last moments of the game are just told in such a steller way as well. A disturbing psychological horror game. Also those who would like to see how they would survive in their very own cinematic slasher film, as lots of the game is up to exploration of the player and less on solving stuff. Explore an crypt surrounded by death The story is not spoken but suggested, there is a ton of intelligent symbolism and mythology references stuffed into the title. You have been poisoned. Also if you enjoy Rule of Rose, there is a distinct possibility you will enjoy this game as both share similarities and some of the same themes, though there are some distinct differences. The graphics for the time and music are fantastic, and the sometimes downright disturbing plot is definitely the highlight, like a grimdark fairy tail. Atrocitys 1 - Point And Click Horror Atrocitys is a flash horror point and click game about brutal murders which wiped out the entire family.

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